Fair Isle Bird Observatory & Guesthouse

The warden and administrator

The Fair Isle Bird Observatory team is headed by David Parnaby (Warden) and his wife Susannah (Administrator). They have lived on Fair Isle with their family (Grace and Freyja) since February 2011.

The Parnaby family (David & Susannah with Grace and Freyja), May 2014. © Dave Wheeler

Wardening team 2017

In 2017, David is joined by Assistant Wardens Ciaran Hatsell and Richard Cope, and Ranger Chris Dodd.

The 2017 wardening team mid-season: Ciaran Hatsell, David Parnaby, Richard Cope and Chris Dodd (Ranger), July 2017. © Andy Denton
The 2016 wardening team at the start of the season: Lee Gregory, David Parnaby and Ciaran Hatsell, April 2016. © FIBO
The 2015 wardening team: David Parnaby (Warden), Ciaran Hatsell (Senior Assistant Warden), Lee Gregory (Assistant Warden) and Chris Dodd (Ranger), April 2015. © FIBO

Other members of the team

The 2016 team are a happy bunch! Clockwise from back left: Ciaran (Assistant Warden), Lee (Assistant Warden), Susannah (Administrator), David (Warden), Alice (Childcarer), Inessa (Domestic assistant), Terri (Domestic Assistant), Michael (Assistant Cook), Orlando (Cook), Chris (Ranger). © FIBO