Fair Isle Bird Observatory & Guesthouse

Work has started on the new Observatory

We are delighted to announce that work has now commenced on site regarding the rebuild of the Observatory. Working closely with our builders, IDMH, we have ensured that the Observatory building will be constructed and erected on site this year.

Notwithstanding the difficulties any building project faces on Fair Isle logistically, the effects of Brexit, the COVID pandemic, the war in Ukraine and inflation have considerably exacerbated this. However, we are delighted to still being able to proceed this year with the construction of the building.

For a number of months now IDMH have been proceeding with working through all the different aspects required in any building project. We were recently able to visit their factory to see the first modular units being constructed together with the relevant material beginning to be accumulated.

Modules under construction at IDMH's factory in Sheffield, June 2022.

The first workers, plant and material has now arrived on the Isle and work has started on the groundworks. The actual modules themselves are timetabled to be delivered in mid-August with the building due to be completed by late November.

Materials and equipment for the new Observatory have started to arrive on the Isle, June 2022.

With work now having started we will provide regular updates together with photographs to enable everyone to see the progress being made. We are still presently on course to reopen to guests next spring and will in due course provide more information regarding this.

Douglas Barr, FIBOT Chairman

5th July 2022

Staff and bookings update

Now that work is underway at the site, we would like to provide an update concerning our permanent staff and of how we intend to take bookings for next year.

We have recently completed a detailed review of the roles and remit of the posts of Warden and Administrator. As part of that they are now retitled as Director of Ornithology and Director of Hospitality. Each will be filled by new persons and the posts will be advertised in early autumn with appointments being made in late autumn.

Regarding bookings for next year, Friends of Fair Isle will receive advance notification of when they will be taken and will as usual have priority for the first month in being able to book. We intend for bookings to be open in late autumn and we will post on our website the exact dates from when they will be taken.

Douglas Barr, FIBOT Chairman

8th July 2022