Fair Isle Bird Observatory & Guesthouse

Fair Isle Bird Observatory rebuild

Update – Project Manager & Building Sub-Committee

Early on in the rebuilding process, it was agreed by the FIBOT Directors that the early appointment of a Project Manager would greatly assist us in this.

After due diligence, we are extremely pleased to announce that we have appointed Susan Clark of Great Glen Consulting to this post. Susan has a wealth of experience in this area and in particular was the Project Manager for the Fair Isle Electricity scheme and so has a familiarity with the difficulties Fair Isle presents in building projects.

Highlands and Islands Enterprise have very kindly given us grant funding towards this appointment and we are extremely grateful for this financial assistance. We are pleased to advise that as part of this funding Susan will also prepare a Fair Isle-wide Tourist Action Plan.

Susan's input has already been greatly beneficial as we look forward to moving on with the rebuilding process.

Following upon our most recent Directors' meeting, it was agreed to set up a Sub-Committee which is tasked with proceeding the day-to-day business of the rebuild. It reports back regularly to the full board and consults with them in all the major decision making processes.

The committee consists of Douglas Barr, our Chairman, Mike Wood, our Finance Director, and fellow Directors Alexander Bennett, Ian Cowgill and Karen Hall. The Committee meets together with our Project Manager, Susan Clark monthly and deals with on an ongoing daily basis all matters relating to 'Obs 5'.

It has already had an extremely productive meeting with Shetland Islands Council. That meeting included representatives from their Planning, Economic Development and Community Planning departments together with representatives from Highlands and Islands Enterprise. Through this meeting, the groundwork was laid down for future engagements between us.

Together with Susan's assistance, a draft timetable for the rebuild has now been prepared as well as registers for our draft budget, risk and change control.

10th September 2019