Fair Isle Bird Observatory & Guesthouse

Fair Isle Bird Observatory rebuild

Update – refining the plans for Obs 5

Since the appointment of the team to construct Obs 5, we have all been working together to move the project on as quickly as is possible.

Our architects, together with the structural engineers, were able to day trip the Isle on a glorious sunny day which enabled them to undertake and complete a number of preliminary investigations which they required to do.

Following on from this, work has gathered apace. Currently, monthly meetings take place with all relevant parties involved in the rebuild. Our own rebuild committee also meets monthly separate to this. In addition, a considerable amount of correspondence is undertaken together with further individual meetings as and when required.

We realised that with the previous Obs we had a very good building which we have sought to build upon enhance with a number of improvements across the board which we believe will achieve this. We consulted with a large number of people to seek their views on how we could achieve this. We are grateful to everyone for their contributions which have been extremely helpful. In particular, can we thank everyone on the Isle for their input.

We then discussed these points with the Obs 5 rebuild team to seek their views. The rebuild team were then able to put forward before a full Directors' meeting our proposals which enabled them to be further refined and agreed upon.

This has allowed us now to be in the position to shortly be submitting our planning application which is obviously a major step in the rebuild.

7th February 2020